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Volkswagen is a brand known for building reliable, quality motor vehicles that inspire confidence, and that is exactly the reason why we at Corkills Motor Group are so proud to deliver them to our customers. Our aim is to make sure the motorists we serve are confident that they leave us having paid a fair price, for a high quality, dependable car.

That vision is present throughout Corkills Motor Group and never more so than at our dealerships in Wigan and Southport. Servicing our customers across the north west of England, both facilities offer an excellent selection of approved used Volkswagen cars, as well as Corkills Signature, which offers a selection of other brands. All our cars come with a quality guarantee that will provide you with complete reassurance that any vehicle you choose is a safe and reliable investment.

If you are looking to invest in a new Volkswagen, our Wigan branch has a fantastic selection of the very latest models, from hot-hatches like the Golf GTI through to versatile and spacious family SUVs, such as the elegant and assertive Touareg.
In between we have saloons, estates and coupés - many available with the latest hybrid or cutting edge electric technology. So, if it’s your aim to pursue a completely emission-free lifestyle, then we can make that happen. The new generation electric e-Golf and e-up! have so many smart features it’s hard not to be impressed. But whatever style, engine or model you choose, we have a wide selection of options to configure your car and achieve your perfect drive.

Once you’ve decided on your vehicle, our Corkills team will guide you through the options for payment or lease hire. We know it can be confusing, but we know the intricacies of all the plans available, meaning we can help you make the right decision – particularly business users, for whom there is an extra level of responsibility. Talk to us and we’ll take the time to understand what you need, and then provide tailored advice on the options available to you.

Whatever you need, Corkills Volkswagen in Wigan and Southport can support your next car purchase, from selection to getting you on the road.