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Golf Life

from £27,035

Key Features

  • Alloy Wheels 16" 'Norfolk'
  • Automatic headlight control with LED separate daytime running light and coming home and leaving home feature
  • Exterior ambient lighting with illuminated door handles
  • LED headlights
  • LED rear combination lamps
  • 'Maze' cloth
  • Auto-dimming rear view mirror
  • Decorative inserts "Nature Cross Brushed" for dashboard and front door trim panels
  • Comfort seats in front
  • Leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel
  • Rain sensor
  • Comfort telephony: wireless charging (fast charge) without external antenna connection
  • Infotainment system with 12.9" display
  • Multi-color Digital Cockpit Pro, selection of different info profiles possible
  • Navigation system
  • Keyless Start with SAFELOCK
  • Features on demand: heated front seats
  • Interior Ambient lighting with 10 colour options
  • Adaptive Cruise Control ACC
  • Advanced driver attention & drowsiness monitor
  • Parking sensors, front and rear
  • Preparation for light assist system for features on demand

Golf Match

from £27,210

Key Features (Over Life)

  • Alloy Wheels 17" 'Nottingham' in Silver
  • Rear tinted glass from B-pillar backwards, approx. 65% tinted
  • Keyless locking and starting system Keyless Access with SAFELOCK
  • High Beam Assist, automatic sensing for switching between dipped and main beam
  • Rear view camera

Golf Style

from £29,835

Key Features (Over Life)

  • Alloy Wheels 17" 'Nottingham' in Silver
  • Body-colored bumpers, air intake with chrome trim
  • Chrome trims on the side window bottoms
  • Cornering light and poor weather light
  • LED Plus headlamps
  • Exterior ambient lighting with illuminated molding between the headlamps and door handle recess
  • Inserts of front seats and outer rear seats in ArtVelours microfleece
  • Carpet mats, front and rear
  • Decorative inserts "New Brushed Dark Metal" for dashboard and front door trim panels
  • Door insert, side trim panel and arm support in leatherette
  • Sports comfort seats in front
  • Interior Ambient lighting with 30 colour options
  • LED light unit in front footwell with selectable light color
  • `Air Care Climatronic` (3-zone) with rear air conditioning control panel
  • High Beam Assist, automatic sensing for switching between dipped and main beam
  • Rear traffic alert and lane change system and exit warning system
  • Rear view camera

The new version of a classic. The new Golf.

Now open for order​

The Golf is celebrating its 50th anniversary and has a new look for the occasion, boasting visual and functional updates and enhanced performance for added driving pleasure. With its choice of engines, equipment and features you can experience that familiar Golf feeling in a new and personalised way.

Harmoniously coordinated: With optional illuminated front Volkswagen logo and stylish bumpers, the Golf knows how to impress visually. The new headlights and tail light clusters with optional dynamic turn signals make it a real eye-catcher.

The seats in the new Golf are not only comfortable, they are also flexible. The split-folding rear bench seat lets you extend the luggage compartment as you need. Depending on the equipment line, the seats are covered as standard with fabric and ArtVelours microfleece. 

The leather seats come with active air conditioning as an option1, which provide cooling in summer and warmth in winter. The optional massage function on the drive side raises the comfort level another notch: Spoil yourself a little on the road too and ease the tension of everyday life.

Enjoy the full view with the optional electric tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof. Thanks to its enormous glass surface, it bathes all passengers in more light and offers an unrestricted view of the sky. Its electric roller sunshade  provides protection from excessive sunlight. 

If you want to enjoy some fresh air, the front half of the roof can optionally be raised or moved completely backwards.

You can gently illuminate the interior of your new Golf as an option with just a tap of the finger and choose from up to 30 colours. Multiple light strips and illuminated decorative elements allow you to create a personalised lighting atmosphere.

More Golf, more style: New seat covers in fabric or ArtVelours and the high-gloss centre console lend the interior of the new Golf a more luxurious appearance. With the optional 32.7 cm (12.9 inch) infotainment display, you will also experience entertainment, news and navigation on a new level. Meanwhile, the standard multifunction steering wheel with classic push buttons adds to the comfort of your journey.

The LED headlights have been straighter, visually more striking and much narrower towards the inside. In addition, the Golf can be equipped with the new optional 3D LED taillights, which can be individually configured via the infotainment system. With three different scenarios for the welcome and goodbye scenarios, the Golf offers a personal touch.

Your Golf comes with a choice of two engines: either a 1.5 litre TSI with 115PS or a 1.5 litre engine with 150PS. Both are equipped with the DSG dual clutch gearbox.

In the e-TSI with mild hybrid technology, a starter generator supports the engine when you drive off and at low speeds. Braking and rolling are used to charge the lithium-ion battery. This helps to greatly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.  

The Golf Style is also available as a plug-in hybrid. This is a plug-in hybrid with an electric motor and TSI petrol engine. When the battery is charged, the Golf eHybrid starts in electric-only mode, it is forecasted to travel for up to 100 kilometres (combined) – measured using the WLTP method – using just the electric motor. Depending on the speed, driving mode and other parameters, the TSI engine switches on automatically.

Regardless of where and when you are driving, we want you to have a clear view. The optional IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights with their high-performance main beam ensure better night vision and can light up the road up to a distance of 550 metres at night. The matrix technology enables you to permanently drive with main beam without dazzling other road users. In addition, the energy-saving headlights are extremely efficient. 

The new IDA online voice assistant allows you to conveniently operate the radio, telephone, your music, the optional three-zone air conditioning system and navigation unit with your voice. For example, you can select the radio station or choose the address book entry or telephone number you’re looking for with your voice.

The voice assistant can be started with “Hello IDA”. It also understands free formulations from everyday life such as “I’m cold.” or “Where are there Japanese restaurants in London?”. In addition, thanks to digital microphones, it now also recognises whether the driver or the passenger is speaking, in order, for example, to provide the air conditioning in the vehicle specifically for the person making the request.

The new IDA voice assistant will also appear visually to you in the future on the centre display, with interactions enabled via graphics. The optimised system also asks questions or lets itself be interrupted.

IDA likewise allows you to access world knowledge made available via Internet partners (e.g. Wikipedia).

Harman Kardon sound system

The eight synchronised loudspeakers with total power output of 480 watts ensure the perfect surround sound, also thanks to the digital 12-channel amplifier and the additional centre speaker. The subwoofer delivers precise bass tones.

You can therefore celebrate your favourite music in style.


The standard “Discover” navigation system including Streaming & Internet ensures intuitive navigation with Dynamic Road Sign Display and an aerial for FM and DAB+ digital radio reception. You also have access to the entire world of networked online services from VW Connect Plus. App-Connect (incl. App-Connect Wireless for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ) also allows you to operate selected apps directly in your Volkswagen. And with the Digital Cockpit Pro you can keep an eye on your vehicle information at all times – configured according to your wishes.

Would you prefer just to see the speed and mileage display? Or also other driving data, such as a full view of the navigation map or the title of the track you’re listening to right now?

It’s all in your hands: Configure your high-resolution 26 cm (10.2 inch) Digital Cockpit Pro yourself with ease, so that it’s exactly the way you want it, including highlighting of certain graphics.

Save yourself the bother of searching for your car key in your trousers, handbag or jacket pocket: once you have the key with you and you are no more than 1.5 metres away from your Golf, the doors and boot lid optionally unlock automatically as if by magic. You also don’t need the key to start the engine. All it takes is the touch of a button. And if the optional Keyless Access isn’t working, then it just means that your key isn’t in your pocket after all. Perhaps it’s on the kitchen table?

With the optional head-up display, part of the windscreen becomes a projection surface that can display your speed, messages from your driver assist systems or navigation instructions. The projection itself is still clearly legible, even when light is shining directly onto the windscreen. So you remain perfectly informed – without needing to take your eyes off the road.

With the optional Travel Assist you have an extremely useful driving assistant on board. It can keep you in your lane, maintain a minimum distance to the vehicle in front and the maximum speed you have set.

One of the features it uses to do this is adaptive lane guidance. This actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane. Travel Assist adapts to your driving style and can also drive further to the left or right in its own lane instead of exactly in the middle.

If your Volkswagen is fitted with Park Assist, Side Assist and a navigation system, Travel Assist can also actively support you when changing lanes on the motorway as an option.

Travel Assist also offers predictive cruise control  and cornering assistance. Here, the vehicle speed can be adapted to applicable speed limits as well as road layouts (bends, roundabouts etc.).

If you no longer show any driving activity as a result of a medical emergency, the optional Emergency Assist can register this and attempt to reactivate you. If it is unsuccessful in doing so, it can bring the vehicle to a controlled stop within the system limits and thus prevent an accident if necessary.

Manoeuvring in the busy city centre, in a multi-storey car park or in rough terrain: there are many situations in which drivers could use a few extra eyes. With the optional Area View you get them in the form of four cameras that capture the area around the vehicle and transfer helpful information to the infotainment system display. For example, you can see kerbs or parking markings better and even look around the corner.

Interior Styling
Exterior Side View
Technology Rear View Camera