Starts Thursday 1st , until Thursday 29th February

What’s the big idea?

When you want something, you want it to be BIG.

When you want a meal, you want a BIG meal, not a little meal.

Go to the circus you go to the BIG top.

Go fishing you want to bag a BIG fish.

We’re all waiting for the next BIG break, not a little break.

No one wants to be small time, they want to be BIG time!

So when you have an event, you don’t have a little event.

What’s the point in a little event you have a BIG event?!

A BIG event that’s BIG on value, and BIG on savings.

BIG on style, BIG on value, BIG on savings.

BIG on…Hyundai.

We have a large number of vehicles in stock, all reduced in price and available for immediate delivery, with the following BIG offers

Up to £6,000 off used cars

£250 Finance Deposit Allowance on all Hyundai Promise & Hyundai Approved used cars with 10.9% APR finance

£250 Finance Deposit Allowance on all Signature used cars with 12.9% APR finance

Plus a full tank of fuel on the first 5 event orders!

To arrange at appointment at the BIG Event, please call us on 01606 44624, or complete the form below:

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